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How it works

Alarica is an online platform that helps manufacturers of footwear, bags, belts and wallets to find new wholesale buyers from all over the world directly and buyers to find suppliers with various styles and prices.

How Does Alarica Work?

Manufacturers place their models on the marketplace and buyers contact them directly with requests and orders for manufacturers products.

How to place products on Alarica?

1. Manufacturer contacts Alarica via online customer support/ email/ phone or by any other means and provides photos and descriptions of their models.
2. Alarica content managers place products on the marketplace.
3. Manufacturer gets his own page on the marketplace with a personal link for his wholesale store on Alarica (e.g. https://alarica.eu/company_name), all their models and contact details
4. Buyers find models on the platform and contact manufacturer with their requests and orders.

What is the price of placement on Alarica?

The standard price is 1 Euro for 1 Model per 1 Month.
It also includes one opportunity to replace the displayed models within a year.
Each following replacement costs EUR 0,3 per per model.

What is the price of using Alarica for buyers?

Alarica does not charge buyers.

Is it obligatory for a Seller to have the placed models in stock?

No, manufacturers can place samples of their models and produce them after getting an order.

Are the prices for the products on Alarica final?

Manufacturers indicate average prices for their products. Buyers find out the actual prices and timeframes for the products’ manufacture directly from sellers.

How to contact a Seller?

1. By clicking “Complete Order” in the Basket after the product is added.
2. Via Alarica Customer Service.
3. By using the contact details, stated in the “About the Seller” tab.

How to contact Alarica Customer Service?

You can contact us via the contact information stated in the Contact section or Contact Form on the website.

What happens in case of dispute between Alarica users?

In case of a dispute, manufacturers can contact us with a complaint against a buyer.
A buyer can also file a well-grounded complaint against the unfair seller by using the “Complain About the Seller” button on a product page.
Alarica will take all possible measures, including the removal of unfair users from the platform or blocking accounts of the unfair users.
As Alarica is not involved in any negotiations and contracts between buyers and sellers, it doesn’t carry any responsibility for any business-related dealings that take place beyond the platform. Thus, all the financial risks lie solely with and are the responsibility of the parties to a deal, i.e. the buyer and the seller.